Sport Articles

Displays for ski, bike, motorcycle, riding, safety, displays for sportswear and accessories.



Displays for sunglasses and reading glasses and safety glasses: A customized range of design products



Displays for cosmetics and hair accessories, fashion accessories such as bijoux, gloves, scarves, bags and hats



Displays for hi-fi, headphones, mobiles, footwear, wine and drinks, stationery, hardware and DIY


KO Displays

We are a very young team of persons who appreciate talking with the customers in order to reach the same goal, as we do believe that we can only create “the display” by working together.


Made in Italy

Our pride is our production which is totally MADE IN ITALY at our premises, as we do believe that Italian production is an aim to pursue


Custom Production

Our main incentive is to satisfy our customer’s desire to have a personalized display , as we do believe that it’s a value added to offer a matchless product