About Us


At the beginning of the sixties Mr Luciano Falcomer established his firm which manufactured components made of metal sheet ´╗┐by creating components for agricoltural machinery and high-pressure cleaning machines.

Thanks to his work experiences he helped many Companies to patent their invention.

Furthermore he enriched the Venetian area thanks to his brilliant ideas. In that period of economic boom he tested new working and production methods to optimize the manufacturing process which layed the foundations of MDL S.r.l. Company at the beginning of the year two thousand.

His sons and daughter joined Mr Luciano Falcomer and they combined tradition, decade-long experience and new technologies.

Company MDL S.r.l. is not only a modern sub-contracting sheet metal manufacturer but a reliable partner with its customers in every phase of a project thanks to the many modern machineries (punching, laser cutting, bending, welding, assemblying, etc.).

2009 Company MDL S.r.l. began to manufacture by its own displays stands thanks to its know-how and services to the customers during the years of sub-contracting working experiences with a brand called QUARTA DIMENSIONE by MDL S.r.l.

Nowadays we sell in Italy and export all over the world as our traditional saying is to be original in every single product we daily manufacture with the new brand KO DISPLAYS by MDL S.r.l..

We manufacture displays stands for cosmetics, sport articles, sunglasses, fashion accessories and every other product our customer will ask us for.