1.How long does it take to receive a personalized rendering?

1.We are in a position to send you a complete rendering within 2 weeks from the time we finished to collect all the information relevant to raw stuff, shape, capacity, price, budget, logos and colours. Our commercial department together with the technical one are at your disposal to support you at the best during this collection of information.



2.Are you in a position to send a sample on approval?

2.Certainly we do not let our customers pay for a product, as we know the course we have to do together with our customers.



3.Could you customize a product of your standard catalogue?

3.Our team is at your disposal to inform you about all the modifies you can have on a display of our standard range/catalogue.



4. How long can it take to have a display?

4. We have to distinguish between the standard products (which are already in the catalogue) and can be ready for the shipment at our warehouse and the customized products which can be ready within 3 or 4 weeks from the order confirmation.